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Cobra Tools Wire Erosion

Toolbox 33

Pre-hardened, free machining

steel with very high impact toughness and

exceptional cleanliness. This steel may be polished and etched with excellent results. Because of the very low levels of internal stress, large sections may be machined without movement and stress relieving is neither necessary nor recommended.


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Typical Applications 

Toolbox 33 is especially suited for plastic moulds

having excellent polishing and photo-etching

ability which are guaranteed to NADC207-

97. Other applications include rubber moulds,

bending tools and general engineering where

high toughness, high impact strength and

great stability are important. This material can

substitute and will give better results than

qualities such as 1.2311, 1.2738 and 1.2312.

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Experts Using Quality Materials

Cobra Tool and Die Ltd are proud to utilitse the services of Carrs Toolsteels for quality steel.  Getting the best materials from the start ensures we can deliver long lasting reliable tools to our customers, giving precision moulding year after year.